IDD Success Story To Start The New Year


It’s music to our ears to hear success stories like Lee’s. His back pain and sciatica left him hardly able to sit or stand, but within a fortnight of starting a course of IDD Therapy, he was back working as an HGV driver, providing for his family and living a normal life.  A course of IDD Therapy at our clinic took him from excruciating pain to none at all.


Just last night, another patient said to me: “people don’t realise how terrible long-term back pain can be, not just for the one suffering, but for family, colleagues and even friends. You look normal, you’re otherwise in good health and everyone assumes you’re fine, but underneath, you have very little quality of life, and you can’t be there for your loved ones when they need you.”


We’ve been offering IDD Therapy for herniated discs and sciatica for over two years now, and we’ve heard so many success stories from patients like Lee, who have managed to avoid surgery and injections. Please get in touch, if you’d like to learn more.

01580 212833






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